Jetmaster Universal Convection Box

A Jetmaster universal convection box open fire offers the beauty of a real open fire with the additional efficiency of a convection box system:

The Jetmaster Universal Convector Box range has various models ranging in output from 6Kw to 17Kw and in size from 20″ to 41″ available with a choice of wood burning trays or multi-fuel burning grates, (for smaller sizes see the Jetmaster standard convection boxes) you can experience the tradition and beauty of a real fire without the traditional heat loss
Comes with it’s own purpose built fire screen so you can safely leave the room whilst the fire is on

Hand-built solid steel construction and a clean, contemporary design
No-smoke guarantee: Smoke goes up the chimney, not into the room
Convection box efficiency: Heat goes into the room, not up the chimney

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