gazco riva2-f670-glass-with-black-reeded-lininggazco riva2 f670-glass-with-black-glass-lining-on-riva-120-high-benchgazco riva2-f670-glass-with-brick-effect-lining

Gazco Riva2 F670

The Gazco Riva2 F670 gas stove is ideal for corner installations due to its subtly tapered shape. This tapering is also echoed in the specifically designed, geometric Apex stand that elevates the fire for a truly unique designer statement. Available in a steel graphite finish or black glass finish with a choice of interior finishes, you can taylor the F670 to you tastes. In addition the F670 is available in both conventional and balanced flue so there is a model for every situation.

These cutting edge gas stoves are capable of producing up to 5.60kW of heat, with an outstanding 82% efficiency, all with the ultimate ease of use thanks to its Programmable Thermostatic handset. Featuring both timer and thermostatic temperature controls, the F670 ensures you always have a warm welcome home.


Brand Gazco
Heat Output 3.20 – 5.60kW
Finish Black Glass
Lining Choice Vermiculite, Brick-effect, Black Reeded, Black Glass
Fuel Bed Logs
Command Controls Programmable Thermostatic Remote


Stove Efficiency
Riva2 F670 Balanced Flue 82%
Riva2 F670 Conventional Flue 75%

Riva2 F670 Gas Stoves Dimensions

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