Flame Genie outdoor fire bowl
Flame Genie outdoor fire bowlFlame Genie outdoor fire bowl

Flame Genie outdoor fire bowl

The Flame Genie allows you to enjoy a unique fire pit experience at home without the smoke, sparks, and cleanup hassles.

Flame Genie outdoor fire bowl produces maximum enjoyable flame utilising a gravitational afterburner system which also minimises smoke. The delightful flame pattern can be enjoyed for hours. Making it perfect for patio areas, enabling you to enjoy the outdoor living experience.

The Flame Genie uses easy to handle wood pellets, producing minimum ash and mess, so less to clear up. No more unhappy neighbours from unwanted smoke, and no more smoky clothes.


Height: 330mm (13″)

Width: 343mm (13.5″)

Weight: 7kgs

Only to be used with wood fuel pellets, for best results use a BBQ lighter gel or fire lighter cubes when lighting. We sell handy 15kg bags of wood fuel pellets for your Fire Genie.

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