Conglomerate Marble

Conglomerate Marble is manufactured from crushed Natural Marble mixed with coloured resin to bond it back together. Manufactured in state of the art factories conglomerate marble provide a way of using smaller blocks of marble that would otherwise have been waste or crushed for road fill.

The natural marble is first crushed then mixed with a coloured resin to match the base natural marble being used. It is then poured into large rectangular moulds which will form a block 3050 x 1250 x 1250mm sealed and put into a vacuum to take our any air bubbles, once settled it is left to dry. When dry the mould is broken open and the block of conglomerate marble is removed and cut up for slabs, tiles or anything that natural marble would be used for. There are two types of conglomerate marble, Traditional which has large pieces of the base marble mixed with approximately 30% resin, or micro which is very small pieces of base marble mixed with approximately 3% coloured resin.

The main benefits of conglomerate marble are that it provides consistent material in both colour and soundness, something which is impossible with the material in it’s natural state.

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